Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sorry for the delay in updates. We've been movin right along these past few days-- left NJ on Friday, spent the weekend in Nags Head, NC (the Outer Banks) and arrived yesterday evening in Charleston, SC. We didn't get to town until 6-ish last night, just enough time for a short run (along the West Ashley Greenway) and dinner and dessert on the town. We're about to head out to explore the rest of the city today, so we're gonna be lazy and let you interpret the following pictures as you wish-- they span our journey to NC from NJ, our adventures in Nags Head, and our brief outing last night. Enjoy : )

This one's for you, Buddy

finally! pine trees again!

no caption necessary.

near the Chesapeake Bay
that is one loooong bridge.

ooh, ooh, turn left, turn left!

biggest. dunes. ever.

no rain for us!

zack won. what a beast.

Zack and Tucker became good friends...

this crazy thing would periodically go out into the water to survey for the dredging project going on.

zack calculating escape velocity. what a nerd.

is this a problem??

we forgot to move out of the way for the ocean floor...

we're not very good at bowling...

but look what team got 1st at the recent tournament. Awesome.

not ALL of our meals are some gourmet adventure, but they ARE all delicious.

mmmm....great meal in Charleston

the end.

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